Monday, November 22, 2004

Who is Gretchen?

The communion of David Richards, Mia Richards, and Stephen Robinson make up the alternative rock band Gretchen, and from the beginning the band has insisted on high energy, high emotion, and a balanced sound in their music.The band's individual playing experience speaks for itself: Dave, playing since early middle school, Mia has been singing since age 6 (or somewhere around there), and Steve has been drumming since elementary school.
The band has seeming kept a strong foundation of songwriting, Melody First ! Most of the songs are written around Mia's prescribed melodies.
It's hard to label the band into a particular genre because each song holds an individual difference that incorporates its particular meaning. The songs are driven by everyday conditions that affect us in different ways. Their music is true, descriptive, and appealing, taking the standpoint of a person approaching life’s issues, and showing the confidence of how to approach them.
Currently calling East Tennessee home, Gretchen has broken the chains of a "hometown band" and soared beyond the borders. They have toured the East Coast and are beginning to branch their tours toward the Midwest and even farther. Gretchen's music is also previewed on the internet at sites including:



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